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'Respect our Heritage'

Mini-Posters and Bumper Stickers


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  • Native American Artifact;
  • Covered Wagon;
  • Trading Ford;
  • Revolutionary War;
  • Trading Ford Monument;
  • Stoneman's Raid;
  • Confederate Soldiers
  • Bumper Stickers

    Set printer for (and use) Legal 8-1/2 x 14 Paper.  Print from your browser.  You'll get two, count 'em two, bumper stickers.  Cut and tape to your bumper.  Unlike traditional bumber stickers that stay on until well past doomsday, these will disintegrate and fall off after the first rain.  If you'd like them to last longer, laminate them and use stickier tape.  (Note: if you print on colored paper, test for colorfastness.  neon paper bleeds and is difficult to remove.)

  • Bumper Sticker
  • If you have any difficulty, please let me know: preservation at trading-ford dot org